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Together, accelerating towards real change, making innovation accessible to all. We work in an open, multidisciplinary way to tackle major challenges, pooling our capabilities as an organisation within a larger ecosystem.

Tenalach (Irish): A word used in the hills and mountains in the west of Ireland. It points to a relationship one has with the land/air/water, a deep connection that allows one to literally hear the earth sing.


There is a need for the humanisation of cities and the connection and exchange of values between rural and urban environments.


Consumers value environmental impact, including in transport. We build strategies for the challenges of the 21st century.

Green logistics

An energy mix, and the combined use of different modes of transport, are changes that can now be tackled to deliver tangible improvements.

Value chain

Investing in value chain optimisation creates strategic industry opportunities. Efficiency understood in the broadest sense.


The success of digitisation depends on the integration of technologies, facilitating coordinated decision-making focused on resolution and anticipation.

R&D+i financing

The creation of an agile, flexible and efficient collaboration system is necessary to promote high-impact projects and R&D+i activities.

Our Moto

Tenalach Consulting is a liquid company, one that takes a step forward by accepting changes and the speed of transformation in the face of new challenges, in order to respond by applying adaptive capacity, flexibility, agility and knowledge.

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